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The Construction Contractors Association of the Hudson Valley is a 50 year old trade association of commercial and industrial building contractors and construction support services in Delaware, Dutchess,Orange, Ulster, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan, Columbia and Greene counties.

Over the last five decades, CCA members have played a leading role in every major construction project in Hudson Valley. Our Mission is to connect owners with responsible contractors who have demonstrated the ability to complete projects on time and within budget and to provide contractors with the resources, skills and support they need to be competitive in the 21st Century construction business.
We are in business to help you succeed in the Hudson Valley construction industry!
Director's Message
A. Alan Seidman
Executive Director
Is the uptick finally here?
Since 2008, we have all been waiting for the economic rebound. Sometimes little glimmers of hope and good news make us feel optimistic, but any surge in construction, especially local construction hasn’t seemed to gain a foothold.
We take a couple of steps forward, and then “sequester” and “Obamacare” seem to take the focus. A government shutdown and turning of everyone’s focus from running their businesses to making sure all legal notices are mailed to employees, is certainly a diversion from doing what is necessary to sustain and grow a business. Let’s hope the federal government can get their collective act together and these diversions pass quickly, so that not only they, be we can get back to business.
There are a couple of projects locally, some that have employed only minimal local labor to construct, so that hasn’t helped our workforce or our contractors as much as we would like. There are many projects beginning however, that give us optimism, and others that are ready to begin with PLAs.
Woodbury Commons has started, and will be in high gear after holiday shopping season. This project should help significantly.
Power plant projects awaiting the decision of the New York Energy Highway task force could be a major boon to our area. We have 3 potential sites in our region for these plants.
West Point Projects and bridge, highway and infrastructure projects are underway.
A casino vote is scheduled for November 5th. While I encourage you to vote for casino gaming in New York State, I am not overly hopeful that I will see the Sullivan or Ulster potential sites developed for casinos in the near future. I’d love to be wrong on this one!
The Construction Industry is the largest employer in the Hudson Valley. We need to speak in an organized and collective voice, so that our governments and IDAs know, that when they give tax breaks and incentives for companies to build here, they are doing so with our tax dollars that we pay as residents. We support economic development, but just as LEED credits for projects involve buying products locally, IDA and other incentives should include a component to hire locally. CCA continues to work with local officials to help them understand the issues and how we can work together to start the expansion of the job market, not when the building opens, but rather when there is a groundbreaking.
Hours are starting to rebound-we need to see the rest of this year and the coming years hours continue on that upswing. A sustained resurgence will be good for our members, the union members and our economy.
Thank you to all of you that continue to support CCA in our efforts. We continue to work to have your voice heard by government and economic development officials.
Finally, please remember to vote November 5th. Find our which candidates support use of local labor and support them!
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