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Founded in 1957, built to last.

Formed in 1973 as an Association to represent and promote contractors who employ union ironworkers,
Fabricators & Erectors Association of the Hudson Valley, Inc. earned the reputation of providing outstanding contractors and suppliers for every project related to steel and iron in the Hudson Valley. In 2005 Fabricators & Erectors Association officially changed its name to better represent the contractors it serves to Fabricators, Erectors & Reinforcing Contractors Association of the Hudson Valley, Inc. (FERCA)

Throughout our history, our members have worked on almost every significant project in the region.


A. Alan Seidman

Executive Director

FERCA contractors hire quality union workers who have received exceptional training and have an elevated standard of safety performance at work sites. Adapting to change in our region and work environment, FERCA continues to be an exemplary partner to developers, members, and union workers. The Association is committed to helping every member and apprentice succeed.

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