Meet CCA Member Rider, Weiner & Frankel P.C.

Rider, Weiner & Frankel, P.C. is a general practice law firm concentrating in business, corporate, construction, employment, health services, banking and finance, trusts and estates, municipal, real estate, commercial litigation, intellectual property, and environmental law. Our firm has been in practice in the Mid-Hudson Valley Region for over 80 years. We represent construction industry contractors, real estate developers, engineers and architects, municipalities, insurers, commercial banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders, as well as a significant number of not-for-profit corporations and social service agencies providing mental health services and occupational training; and several churches, museums, schools, foundations, day care centers and other public charities.
Our affiliated attorneys provide additional expertise in the areas of pension, profit sharing and deferred compensation plans, patents law, and Medicaid planning.
Our team of ten attorneys is conveniently located at 655 Little Britain Road, New Windsor near I-84 and the Thruway, and major highways. Our excellent performance record reflects the diverse experience, quality and creativity of our lawyers, for whom no problem is too complex to solve.
David L. Rider
Charles E. Frankel
Michael J. Matsler
Mark C. Taylor
M. Justin Rider
Jeffrey S.E. Sculley
Deborah Weisman Estis
Donna M. Badura
Stephen P. Duggan, III
John K. McGuirk
Client service is our creed.
Ricer, Weiner & Frankel, P.C.
655 Little Britain Road – PO Box 2280
Newburgh, NY 12550