Why Should You Become a member?

Business & Relationships

  • Provide opportunities for members to build business relationships with membership meetings, annual golf outing and various seminars throughout the year.
  • Project Leads – CCA is your advocacy and marketing Association in one. We not only advance industry issues at the state and local level on behalf of our members, we meet with potential developers and market the services of members.

Labor: Saving you time & money

  • One grievance in year handled by CCA can save you more than $1000 in time and hassle.
  • CCA has 60 years of experience representing union contractors with millions of man hours.
  • One wage and fringe question per month can save you 12 to 24 hours a year.
  • Staying compliant with union, legal, state, and federal requirements can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Legislative: Power & Leverage

  • Strong relationships with federal, state and local elected officials.
  • CCA works closely with Hudson Valley elected officials for industry related legislation and fair bidding practices.

Safety: Reducing Losses & Your Costs

  • Opportunity to join safety groups for cost savings
  • Keeping you informed of OSHA requirements and important industry issues keeps you from paying costly fines and fees.

Staff Time

  • 42 years combined staff experience.
  • Save valuable time and money by using CCA information services.
  • Easy access to wage, fringe and jurisdictional information.
  • Source for commercial construction projects information.